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Our Story

Free spirits keepin’ it together

The story is as easy as life on the Westcoast: 

It’s a band. Free spirits keepin’  it together. And a knot or two.

The idea of the band is basically the idea of L.A. Creativity rules in this city where ideas are born from adventure. Where people come from all over the world to live their dream and be who they wanna be. 

Bands of L.A. have a mission. They tie up the spirit of freedom, transformation and reinvention that the City of Angels was made of.

Wearing Bands of L.A. is a rebellious thing. It’s not about gangsta music or spraying paroles. It’s about you: True rebels believe in what they believe in. They know who they are and do not compromise their individuality. And they will sure as hell never give up on their dreams. 

Bands of L.A. are no guarantee for bliss. But a boost. 

And they look damn cool.



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