Bands of L.A.

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It's a Band. It's a Feeling.

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be a rebel. manifest your dream

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Only real with the rebellious red fringe!


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Our Bands of L.A. are produced right here in Los Angeles, city of dreams. We charge them with California sunshine and give each band a name. And then we put a rebellious red fringe on the end of each band to shake up the rebel in you. To remind you that there are still so many dreams inside your head and heart who – crazy as they may seem – want to be seen and heard and acted out.

Bands of L.A. are more than just cool belts = they are on a mission! We want you to tie a band around your waist with an attitude. With determination – to MANIFEST YOUR DREAM!

Wearing a Band is a statement – close it with a rebellious knot. FEEL IT. Own it. It’s your dream. Make it real.

Bands of L.A. - only real with the red fringe!



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