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A fresh Royal Blue, a hint of Jet Black and Natural White are melting into each other. This Band is named after our CAP-tain and it is so uranian, that it chances patterns in the middle of the band. It does! 
Ok. Once you get used to the band and the whole knot-tying-thing = you can take the next step and be BOLD with it. Our BOLD BANDS are made to be seen: they are extra long and super fat. Wear them over your blazer, cardigan, coat or accentuate your dress, your high waisted denim. No limits for boldness!

We collaborate with artists and artisans in Mexico and the BOLD BANDS are 100 % handmade. That’s why they are a bit pricey. We do believe in conscious shopping and we spoil our coworkers with love and $$$ – and we trust in YOU appreciating the art. Be bold about it.

  • Made of super soft, high-quality cotton.
  • Vegan (We don't harm animals, we love them.)
  • 100% designed and handmade in Mexico.
  • Unisex
  • One size / adjustable fit
  • Length: 163 cm / 64" // With: 5.5 cm / 2.1" 
  • Washable


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