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April 05, 2018 2 min read

Everyone knows your outfit needs to be on point at festivals. DUH. The pressure is on to find 3 outfits that scream "music festival chic" like all your favorite celebs. Well we've compiled a list of 5 best outfit accessories for festival season 2018 that you cannot live with out. Seriously, you will pay. 

There are tons of options under $100 that will impress even your best-dressed friends. No need to splurge. Shop smart for your musical festival must haves here.

Fanny Pack

It's like having a little purse that you don't have to hold and you'll never lose it. Your chapstick, extra phone charger, bandana, sunglasses, and wallet will magically all fit in your super chic black hole of a fanny pack. 

5 Best Outfit Accessories for Festival Season 2018_1

Floppy Sun Hat

You're going to be baking in the hot sun for at least 8 hours a day. Even if you never wear hats, you're going to need all the shade you can get. Splurge on a nice hat. And might as well be a cool hat right? Go crazy a little. Make it fun! Bring 1 or 4.....?

5 Best Outfit Accessories for Festival Season 2018_2


Bring at least 3 pairs because not everyone will go with your outfit you choose and plan on losing a pair (unless you get a fanny pack...smart thinking!). 

5 Best Outfit Accessories for Festival Season 2018_3


Bands of LA

These are the perfect outfit accessory to add a little pop to your outfit. These go great with cutoff jean shorts or even tie it around a romper to give a little balance to the outfit. 




 Temporary Gold Body Tattoos

These are basic, flower-child gypsy woman, but they do look damn cute and it's a fun thing to do to kill time in between shows. Life's short. Glitter a little. 



Bands of L.A. are no guarantee for bliss. But a boost. 




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